The Flight and First Day so far… 


I’m officially in Kuala Lumpur. I don’t think it’s sunk in yet that I will actually be living here, it still kinda feels like I’m on vacation. 

My flight was pretty outrageously long. Four and a half hours to Philadelphia then 14 to Doha, Qatar and another 8 or so to KL. So after over 30 hours of traveling I’m here. On the way here I watched about 5 movies, got asked if I was Meg Ryan (since I’m white, American, and am named Megan, obviously), got looked at very strangely when I tried to pour out my water while going through security in Qatar and at some interesting airplane food. 

I feel so lucky that I had someone picking me up from the airport. I would have hated to try to figure out how to get anywhere on my own. I also feel very lucky that people speak English here, I still can’t imagine the stress of landing in a foreign country and not knowing the language. Maybe I’ll work up to that one day. 

The jet lag hasn’t completely killed me yet, I slept through almost the whole night; it’s almost 4 pm and I’m still pretty awake despite it being 1am in California. 
This morning my coworker (I think it makes sense to call her that even though I haven’t started work although she may actually technically be my boss??) helped me to get a SIM card for my phone and then I walked around the nearby mall and market. I stopped to sit and people watch and got a tea that did not taste at all like I thought it would. I kinda felt overwhelmed by the food so I ended up getting Mcdonalds which I really do feel a little guilty about ( I’ve been told that Malaysia has such good food!).

I think I need to remind myself that one reason I’m here is to  

 learn about both myself and other cultures but that doesn’t mean that I have to learn everything right away. I have plenty of time to let things sink in. I also need to “get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.” Because that will make everything much easier. 
**photos to come 

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Megan is from sunny California and is currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She funds her travels by teaching students with learning challenges and students applying to U.S. universities. She loves traveling like a local, eating amazing food and is always up for an adventure. Check out her about me section to learn more!

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