First Week and a Half

Hi! So I’ve been here for a little over a week now, and it seems like a lot longer. This week was mainly just me getting an idea of what’s around and getting started at work. The place I’m staying at is about  a 10 minute walk away from my work and I went for just a few hours pretty much everyday this week to shadow or for a meeting. I started my first official day on Friday. It’s nice being able to ease into work since I don’t have very many students assigned to me yet. I’ll have a post later on about more specifically the programs we use at work because a lot of them are really different than what I’m used to. It hit me this week how much different my new job is than classroom teaching. I’m used to dealing with 30 different kids each hour for 6+ hours a day, having one student for two hours at a time is like heaven comparatively. The stress level is so much lower. And I can actually leave work to grab food, as a classroom teacher that never happens. While my job is still a good amount of hard work there’s less time on my toes and running around putting out fires. It’s lovely 🙂

The area I’m in is so beautiful. People have told me that it has it’s own culture compared to the rest of KL. There’s a lot of international schools in the area so there’s a lot of expats and our students are extremely diverse. A few people have asked me how I like it here so far and I’ve said it’s great! A girl the other night pushed me on that and asked what I like so far. I had to think because part of what’s awesome is that it’s so different than home. But I think part of it is the diversity. Which sounds strange because the U.S. is so diverse but it’s diverse in a different way. In the U.S. yes there’s a lot of different races and cultures but most people that I talk to on a regular basis are largely influenced by American culture where as here is there’s several cultures and several languages. It’s almost like the cultures here are less diluted by a national culture than in the U.S., if that makes any sense…. But then I also would follow that up with it could just be because they are different than the cultures that I’m used to. Anyways I’ve also been surprised with the fact that I really can find pretty much anything I buy at home here. I was preparing for how it is in China. In China it’s very difficult to find American imports, here it’s not. Ya, imports are more expensive and I’m going to try not to buy them, but I can still buy a jar of Nutella when I’m really craving it!

Anyways, I’m still apartment searching and am hoping that I will have a place by Friday. Someone beat me to the first place I made an offer on. I haven’t been very good about taking pictures but there’s a few below.



20150909_093238Everywhere in this area has huge buildings and complexes.


A mosque off in the distance. Living in a Muslim country is very different than living in the U.S. I can hear the call to pray where I’m staying. During the middle of my flight over a guy got up and put his shirt on the floor in front of my seat and started praying (I was in the first row so there was a ton of room in front of me). I’m just so impressed with the dedication. Also the other day I was in the middle of a teaching session and my student, his mom and my coworker took a break to go pray. My coworker felt she had to apologize when she got up, psh, I’m in your country, you can pray when and wherever you want, no apology necessary.

20150909_101531Does anybody know what these are? They stick out of the sides of all the hills that have been built up, part of a retaining wall maybe? I don’t know but they look cool.

 20150909_154847The pool in the complex I’m staying in.

20150911_215747 20150911_224925


The Petronas Towers and the bar we were in with a beautiful view of them. They have 88 floors and were the tallest buildings in the world until 2004 at 1,483 feet tall. Fun fact that someone the other night told me: Each tower was constructed by a different construction company. When they built the sky bridge from one tower to the other, it didn’t line up correctly. I’ll post better photos of the towers when I actually go up in them. 🙂


In Indonesia a lot of farmers are burning their land to clear it for their new crops. The fires cause much smoke that it covers Singapore and most of Malaysia with a thick haze. The last few days have been pretty bad with the sun looking bright orange and most locals walking around with masks on.

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