Tea Plantations in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

My first night here I was told about a trip to Cameron Highlands and was asked if I’d want to go. I said I don’t know where that is but sure! Then I looked at the itinerary. Leave KL at 11:30 pm, get to Cameron Highlands at 6:00 am.  This place is only 3 hours away…. Um what?! Well I didn’t account for the random hour break and the prayer break in the morning. Regardless of the problems with sleeping on a bus when I’m still jetlagged from my flight, I’m really really glad I went.

Tea Leaves- Don’t they look delicious


We took a nice bus up there and then switched over to this20150905_0808082.jpg very small bus when the road got to narrow. It was scary trying to pass other cars in this thing. Our first stop was BOH Tea Plantation, the largest tea plantation in Malaysia, which is 570 acres of tea. They make 820,000 cups worth of tea a day. Yeah, that’s a lot of tea.

Then we went to a bee farm, which wasn’t very exciting, just boxes of bees.

Then to a butterfly garden, mini zoo and gerbera daisy farm combined. A few of the guys asked to take a photo with me. One from Nigeria said that I was “so beautiful” awww.

It was really pretty! We followed that up with a stop at a strawberry farm and the market!


Then off to the 2nd largest tea farm, Cameron Valley. This one looked much more impressive because you could see down into the canyon full of tea! Also this place had some amazing Chai yummm!


We then drove two hours to a giant waterfall. I slept for most of the drive considering that I didn’t get any sleep on our way there.


It was such an awesome experience. Out tour group had about 20 to 30 people in it and we counted 7 different countries represented on our bus. We were the only two Americans. We met this women from Yemen who had traveled to 28 different countries! And had an awesome conversation with a man from Nigeria about “free” education in the U.S.

A few times I got stopped by random groups of people and was asked to take a photo with them. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that.


This little boy only knew how to say “Hello. How are you?” in English and was saying it allll day! It was so cute! I kept trying to get him to teach me to say hello in Arabic but it wasn’t working very well.


The whole trip was RM 120 which is about 30 USD, totally worth it! Thanks to Aiman our tour guide from Rapid Tour. Their facebook page can be found here. If you are ever in KL I’d highly recommend doing one of their tours! And more photos from my trip can be found here!

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