37 Things that I did in 2015



Hi! It’s almost the end of 2015. Wow. When the heck did that happen?!?!

So I kinda missed blogging about Thanksgiving or Christmas and I figured I should post something about the new year or something. But I suck at keeping resolutions so I think a reflection of the year would be a better idea. I was thinking “15 things I did in 2015” when I thought of the idea (like 20 minutes ago) I was thinking eh, I didn’t really do THAT much this year, it might be hard to come up with 15 things. And then I began listing…..and there’s quite a lot that I did. So in roughly order of occurrence and without much detail since it is a long list and I meant for this to be a quick post here are 37 things I did in 2015. I know I missing a bunch of stuff but these are the highlights and the things that I at least remember right now.

  1. Hiked Mount Diablo
  2. Saw the Black Lives Matter protests in Berkeley and saw 50 offices in swat gear outside of my apartment
  3. Accidentally hit a parked undercover police car
  4. Booked a flight to Hong Kong within 36 hours of leaving
  5. Took my first trip overseas
  6. Went to Disneyland with 25 middle schoolers (and returned later in the year with just a friend)
  7. Attended a bike Party in Berkeley (Crazy-ness)
  8. Took a job in Malaysia
  9. Sold beer at the Cherry Blossom festival in SF and ended up throwing up while ON the Bay Bridge
  10. Finishing my first year of teaching
  11. Attended the Warriors parade in Oakland
  12. Ran Bay to Breakers in SF
  13. Went to four major league baseball games
  14. Went standup paddle boarding in Sausalito (and later on the Potomac)
  15. Decluttered and packed up everything I own
  16. Visited my best friend who is in law school in DC
  17. Saw the sunset from the top of the Washington Monument
  18. Drank around the world at Epcot in Disneyworld
  19. (Tried to) Surprise my mom for her birthday
  20. Moved to Malaysia
  21. Didn’t tell anyone in Malaysia that it was my birthday on the day of my Birthday
  22. Worn a mask to walk to work because the haze was so bad
  23. Saw monkeys and the world’s rarest spider at Batu Caves
  24. Touched and bathed an elephant
  25. Took pole dancing and kickboxing classes
  26. Ate street food in Penang
  27. Made a turkey and had over 15 people in my apartment for Thanksgiving
  28. Went to a Muay Thai fight
  29. Travelled to a new country alone
  30. Learned about the Vietnam War and climbed through the Vietcong tunnels
  31. Slept on an overnight train
  32. Ate Pho in Vietnam
  33. Spent a night on Ha Long Bay.
  34. Suffered through 7 months in between visits to my boyfriend
  35. Met and talked to people from all over the world (and some awesome ones from California as well)
  36. Visited four countries (not counting random layovers)
  37. Spent Christmas away from home (and specifically my mom)
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