March 2016 Recap

I can not believe it’s already April. Next thing I know it’ll be the end of summer! Last month I started a goal to write monthly recap for all my ongoings each month. Check out my February update.

This month has been very calm especially compared to February. I have pretty much stayed in KL most weekends with the exception of a quick trip up to Penang (an island of the coast of northern Malaysia). I’ve spent most weekends working on my blog, and hanging out by the pool.

Destinations Visited:

Kuala Lumpur and Penang Malaysia  

View of Penang from the ferry



Last weekend a few friends and I went to a SkyTrek, a ziplining and obstacle course place about 30-45 minutes outside of KL. It had some pretty difficult obstacles and the ziplines weren’t too long but it was a ton of fun.



Last time I went to Penang I went by myself which was a lot of fun but I didn’t try as much food as I wanted to because I didn’t know what to try or where was good. This time a friend came with me and made sure we got some delicious food. Soo good! We went up just for a night to go to her friend’s trial workshop for his business. He’s start to teach carpentry classes out of a really cool artsy space. We showed up late so instead of making a box (like we were supposed to) we made coasters that look like puzzle pieces. We still need to paint them though. It was really cool being back in a workshop space.

We also went to the Penang War Museum which was an interesting experience as it’s hard to tell what really happened versus what was added to the story to make it sound more interesting. Either way I learned a lot about Malaysia from my friend. I had no clue that during WWII, Malaya (at the time) was taken from the British by the Japanese.  Japan invaded Malaysia just an hour before they bombed Pearl Harbor. Malaya was under Japanese occupation for 3 years until the U.S. bombed Japan.

Climbing through the underground tunnels where the British would hide during Japanese bombings.

Pool time

I’ve loved just spending one day each week by the pool and actually enjoying the amenities I have here.

Teaching Moments

College acceptances and rejections started coming in this month for a lot of my students. I’m so proud of many of my students who got in to great schools in the U.S. Specifically I’ve very excited for one student who got into Mount Holyoke and Sarah Lawrence BUT courageously decided to put off going to the U.S. for another few year so that she instead could go to an awesome IB program in Italy!  Ah so awesome!


My Blog

There has been four or five separate times that I have wanted to throw my computer out of the window this month. I completely freaked out while switching my blog over to a different hosting site and all of my post disappeared! Ah! I figured out how to reimport everything but a lot of photos got switched around and some formatting issues came up so everything still looks a little weird. On the plus side I’m learning all about these cool plugins that allow me to make my site look more professional and allow people to share my posts more easily.

Blog Posts from this month

What you need to EAT in Malaysia

Angkor Wat in One Day

Most Popular Photo on Instagram


About to fly into the trees.

What I read this month

Freedom, Jonathan Franzen: A story about a mixed up family and the choices they make because of the Freedom’s that they have. Honestly, not my favorite book. My roommate was raving about it, and got me to read it. But it’s not my style. I will say it’s an intriguing story line.

The Color Purple, Alice Walker: I have surprisingly never read this book nor have I watched the movie. I have about 50 pages left, so far, it’s exactly what I expected. Terribly sad with a sense of hope for a better future.

What I watched this month

I have been OBSESSED with Jane the Virgin. Omg. It really is like a telenovela in the way that it draws you in to the drama. Such crazy drama!

What I ate this month

Since I’ve spent most of the month in KL I have tried a few new food places. Podgy and The Banker is officially my new favorite place to write. Their food is so good. They have ample plugs for people with computers and huge windows that let in a ton of sunlight. Also I finally tried My Burger Lab, which my students say have the best burgers. I no doubt agree with them. They are sooooo delicious. We went at 7pm on a weeknight and there was a line all the way out the door.

As a Southern California girl, I have been dying for some good Mexican food. Real Mexican food does not exist in Malaysia. But Curbside Cantina’s Taco Truck is pretty good. I think their food is about 75% real taco 25% Asian influence.  I really miss Mexican food! Ah!


French Toast from Podgy and The Banker

What I listened to this month

Mainly I’ve been enjoying all of the awesome playlists on Spotify now that I have an account. I love the New Boots playlist (new country music). Also I think Emily Hearn is going to be big in a few years, like Rachel Platten and Ingrid Michaelson good.


Goals for next month:

Work out more! And make more food at home since I’m actually home. And make a budget so that I can afford some bigger trips this summer! Continue posting on my blog. Work has gotten soooo busy the last week or so! Which makes me less motivated to do anything outside of work.

In April:

Currently I’m thinking I will go to Singapore the last weekend of the month. Or possibly Langkawi.

What was one awesome thing you did in March?!

  1. Speaking of mexican food, have u tried Panchos in midvalley megamall? I was told that they serve good mexican foods and seem to have good reviews there. Go check it out if u have the time. 🙂

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