April 2016 Recap

This month has been a month of relaxation and working! I did get to go down to Singapore for a weekend at the end of the month and absolutely loved it. It makes me happy to know that I can always go down there for a quick weekend getaway and enjoy all of the tourist places, the excellent food and the beaches. Although I’m told Malaysia has a lot of beautiful beaches that I haven’t gotten to yet!

This month I also started snapchatting and following some other travel bloggers on snapchat @adventurousedu

So far the travel blogger I’ve enjoyed the most is Drew Binsky @drewbinsky He is seriously the best Snapchatter and has it down to a Science.


Destinations Visited: 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Mexican Food

This doesn’t seem like it should be that big of a deal but it is! Good Mexican food is hard to come by in South East Asia and as a California girl, I miss it! The plaza I work in has a market every Thursday with a bunch of different types of food. It’s usually our favorite day of the week around here. Yesterday I picked up lunch and dinner from the market and it consisted of Chinese pork dumplings, Thai fried rice and noodles and Korean fried chicken. Yum yum! A few weeks ago there was a women selling Mexican food at the market. Everyone in my office was skeptical, every time we get Mexican food it’s a disappointment. My friend once ordered a taco and was served a gyro. But it was delicious! Finally some delicious Mexican food! Apparently this woman had a friend visiting from Mexico who taught her how to cook everything and it is real Mexican food. Every Thursday since at least a few people in my office have gotten food from her stall. Yummmm!


Singapore was beautiful! I’ll have to write a longer post about it but mainly I just walked and subway-ed around the city a ton! And went to Palawan Beach. It was nice learning about how Singapore differs from Malaysia. I ate a bunch of delicious food and took a ton of pictures! More to come soon.


Teaching Moments

1) One of my students has been working so hard to get his grades up and he’s finally seeing some really progress! I’m so proud.

2) A new student of mine has been learning so much and progressing so quickly in our sessions. Yay!



I have been seriously lacking the motivation to do anything on the weekends. I just want to hide and curl up in my bed, which I have been doing most weekends this month. Just binge watching tv.

The Election

It’s only May and I’m sick of it! I’m disappointed in our country for the support that Trump is getting. And I’m ashamed when people from other countries talk about it. What are we doing America???

Blog Posts from this month:

How to be a Princess in Hoi An

The Best 16 Hours in Nha Trang

Most Popular Photo on Instagram:



I posted this picture on Earth Day. It’s from my trip to Cameron Highlands, the tea plantations in Malaysia. So pretty!

What I read this month:

The Color Purple, Alice Walker: This book was truly upsetting because of the pain the main character goes through but also had a lovely end. Overall it brought me hope and love.

Where’d You Go Bernadette? Maria Semple This book is about a women who is struggling to be a great mom and husband who then through a series of misunderstanding and miscommunications disappears. And it’s about her daughter who never gives up on finding her.

This book put me in a book coma. Like when you can’t pick up another book for a few weeks because it was just too good. I read it in two days. It’s amazing and I would highly recommend reading it. It expected to become a movie next year.

What I watched this month

I’m currently obsessed with Elementary, the American version of Sherlock Holmes, well he’s still British but he’s in New York.

I’ve also been watching Adriene‘s yoga videos in the mornings on days that I don’t go into work until 12. I like that her videos are short but not too short. They have been motivating me to get a little bit of Yoga in before I start my day. Yay!

I ended up watching Mr. Right, which is a pretty ridiculous, unrealistic, action chick flick. It was funny and I could totally see a friend of mine being the main character.

Where I ate this month (in KL):

I made it a goal to make it out to Bowery Petit to try their rainbow bagel. It was pretty delicious.


I already mentioned the delicious Mexican food. Another place I tried this month was Mei by Fat Spoon in Desa Sri Hartamas. Their a fusion place between Korean and Italian and maybe something else. Their pastas are delicious as is most of their food.

I also finally saw some live music at The Bee and Bricks and Barrels; both are places I’ve been wanting to check out.

Goals for next month:

Blog blog blog. I have all this stuff in my head I just need to spend the time writing it down. I’d also like to keep up my rock climbing and yoga habits. Although I’ve been lazy about climbing lately.

I also really really want to start taking a Mandarin or Malay class. We’ll see if that happens!

In May:

No trips planned as of now.

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Megan is from sunny California and is currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She funds her travels by teaching students with learning challenges and students applying to U.S. universities. She loves traveling like a local, eating amazing food and is always up for an adventure. Check out her about me section to learn more!

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