May 2016 Recap

I’m so late on my recap this month! Ah! I started off my month finishing up my visit to Singapore, which I loved. Singapore is so beautiful and just a refreshing change of pace from KL. I was so amazed by how easy it was to get around. The rest of the month was full of working, and crossing some off some stuff on my long overdue to do list, stuff like going to the dentist and getting my hair cut.

Destinations Visited: 


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



I already talked a bit in my last update about Singapore but I started my first few days of the month on a beautiful beach in Singapore and can’t not mention it here.


Pub Quiz

Some friends of mine have been going to a pub quiz at a bar for the last few weeks and I finally got a chance to go with them. And we won! Which was crazy! A surprising large amount of the questions were American focused. And one whole round was about female singers from the 90s and identifying who they were. Most of the other people in the bar were older men so we pretty much won based off of this round. But we did well in the others as well.

Batting Cages

There are batting cages, in Malaysia. What the heck?!! Baseball doesn’t even really exist here but on the roof of one of the malls you can find a large batting cage place. Ha. So weird but really awesome.


Loving the amenities of my apartment

I have been lying out by the pool and reading pretty much every weekend this month. It has been truly awesome. I’ve also started going to the gym more since my rock climbing membership expired. It’s so nice having a gym and pool in my building. I feel so lucky especially since the price of such amenities in the U.S. would be outrageous.

Teaching Moments

Unfortunately, these are more like challenges this month. I had to say goodbye to a lot of students this month as many of them are ending the school year. But they’re off to exciting things.



My motivation still sucks! But I’m trying to get better from last month by forcing myself to write at least once a week and read instead of binge watching tv.

Meeting new people

I honestly haven’t been trying to meet a lot of new people but I think it finally hit me this month that I’ve been here for 9 months and still haven’t really met very many people. I should try harder!

Blog Posts from this month:

Escaping Alcatraz: Swimming in the San Francisco Bay

How to Plan (or rather not plan) Your Trip to South East Asia

Motobiking Through Kep and Kampot, Cambodia

Most Popular Photo on Instagram:


This picture is from right outside my apartment. I didn’t even notice the us and the cab at first, both add such wonderful color to the photo. There’s been a few really nice sunny days this month. But the haze is starting to get worse again.

What I read this month:

Crazy Rich Asians, Kevin Kwan This is your typically young adult, were in love, but our lives are so different, novel. Nick comes from an extremely rich Singaporean family and falls in love with Rachael, an ABC (American Born Chinese) from a middle income, single mother household, actually she may have moved to the U.S. when she was a kid. Anyways, Nick in no way prepares her to meet his insanely rich Singaporean family and she has no idea what the heck she is getting into when she goes home with him one summer. I recently found out that this book is supposed to be made into a movie and that there’s a sequel out. Overall it was good, and I enjoyed the Malaysian and Singaporean references, especially since I read it while I was on the bus home from Singapore, but it’s your typical, predictable love story.

The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us about Success, Kevin Dutton This book is not light reading. At all. It makes you analyze that worst and the best kinds of people. When we think about psychopaths our minds usually go straight to serial killers but on the flipside some of the most successful people have psychopathic traits. Dutton dives into this world not only interviewing the world’s most insane people but also by actually undergoing an experiment where he minimizes or dulls the emotional center of his brain so that he can actually think like a psychopath. While Dutton’s writing is sometimes hard to follow, overall it’s a pretty interesting read and gave me a new perspective on the people we call psychopaths.

What I watched this month

I may or may not have binged watched Drop Dead Diva this month and in the process realized that I never actually watched the last season. What? Ya. It’s amazing.

I also watched Before You Go To Sleep, which was better than I expected.

Where I ate this month (in KL):

The Red Bean Bag, Publika: I was surprised by how good their food was, mainly because I order chorizo and was not expecting much. But it was delicious!

Reflection on Goals for Last Month:

I started a MailChimp email list yay! If you want to subscribe put in your information below! I promise not to email more than once a month!

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Goals for next month:

Get better at using Pinterest for online marketing.

Continue to work out at the gym.

Met 3? (maybe) new people? I should really say share a meal with 3 new people but that feels like I’m pushing it.

Stop myself from taking home one of the cute stray cats that are wandering around me right now.

In June:

Currently planning a trip to Krabi, Thailand towards the end of the month. Yay.




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