Bucket-List Worthy Experiences from 2016

Celebrating Christmas and the End of 2016 in the KL Tower

There’s only a few days until 2017 and I am in awe of how many amazing things I was lucky enough to do this year. With all of the horrible things that happened this year, I am very very grateful for all of the amazing things I got to do (and honestly quite impressed). I had two countries on the top of my go to list (France and Thailand) and I went to both this past year! So here’s my list of the bucket-list worthy experiences from 2016! In order of occurrence:

  1. Got a fish pedicure (where the fish eat your skin!)

  2. Toured the street art and cave temples in Ipoh, Malaysia


  3. Got a tattoo in Chiang Mai

  4. Learned how to make Pad Thai in Thailand

  5. Discovered the beauty in Angkor Wat


  6. Rode and fell off a motorbike in the Cambodian countryside

  7. Zip lined through the trees in Shah Alam, Malaysia

  8. Got lost in the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore


  9. Went Island hopping and kayaking through mangroves in Thailand

  10. Ate delicious food at the Ramadan night markets in KL

  11. Snorkeled in crystal clear water of the Perhentian Islands


  12. Ate snails in Paris

  13. Learned about the Battle of Normandy while standing on the beaches of Normandy

  14. Saw so much art! (Van gogh, Picasso, Dali, da Vinci and so many others)I

  15. Ate paella in Spain (for Thanksgiving dinner!)


  16. Explored London during Christmas time

  17. Ate Currywurst and visited the Christmas Markets in Berlin

  18. Explored Sachsenhausen (a former Nazi concentration camp)

  19. Tried to smoke weed while clubbing in Amsterdam (Haha, Don’t ask)

  20. Climbed the Eiffel tower


I seriously stunned myself while making this list. I am stunned that I have visited 10 different countries this year; I am stunned at how many breath-taking moments I’ve had. This list doesn’t even take into account all of the amazing people I have met along the way. Nor does it take into account the everyday good things, like teaching my amazing students and dinners with friends in KL.

I am very grateful that I get to have these experiences. And cannot wait to see what’s in store for me in 2017!

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