Why Moving Abroad Will Not Solve Your Problems with Trump

Trump_Mexico Wall

With everything that’s happening in the states….Actually, saying it’s happening makes it sound like an accident or something. With everything that Trump and his administration are doing in the United States, I keep hearing the same sentiment: how can I get out of here.  But moving to a new country will not fix your problems with Trump nor will it help the U.S. As someone who’s been abroad for this entire election cycle, Trump’s actions affect and annoy me just as much as Americans living in the states. And I actually feel regret that I’m not there.  Before you make a radical life decision to move abroad (which is actually incredibly difficult and scary), take a minute to question what you’re moving for.

Good reasons to move abroad:

To learn about new cultures

To meet new people who are different from you

To have new experiences and develop yourself as a person

Bad reasons to move abroad:


Imagine your best friend comes to you tells you she’s decided to move to a new country. Why? Because of this asshole guy. Do you let her base a major life decision on a jerk? No way. You try to talk her out of it. Why would you let someone so minuscule, a child really, steer your life? Similar to the saying “Don’t let others steal your joy.” Don’t give Trump that amount of power over your life. You make your own decisions. You have the power to decide how to react to him.  If you want to move aboard, do it, but don’t let your reason be Trump.


We need people on the ground to resist.  I’m incredibly jealous that I couldn’t be at the Women’s March last week. I wanted to march with you all. I want to scream and shout and I wanted to bond with my fellow sisters who have felt the oppression of women during this election. My outlet for my rage is talking to my American coworkers but it’s not the same as standing in line with fellow women, sharing our stories and telling our government that this is not okay.

Muslim Ban JFK
JFK Airport

Imagine if all of the strong people fighting against misogyny, racism and religious and sexual prejudice, moved away, who would be left resist. We need people in the U.S. saying that we will not stand for this and we will not support this man.  We need the people who are standing at the airports this very minute fighting to help expatriates from the Middle East. Don’t leave, fight.


If you think that by moving abroad, Trumps policies won’t affect you, you are mistaken. I still pay taxes and am affected by any tax laws he passed. I will still need health care when I return to the states, and will have a hell of a time trying to afford it. I’m still hurt when I see refugees being turned away from our borders, regardless of where in the world I am. Unless you plan on renouncing your citizenship, which I would strongly advise against, all of Trump’s policies will affect you regardless of where you are.

Leaving the U.S. will not lessen your view of the media coverage of Trump, or stop difficult conversations about what is going on in the U.S. All eyes are on the U.S. right now and he is being covered in every major news outlet worldwide. Also, you will still hear about his every move on Facebook and you’ll still feel distraught when you see a friend supporting his asinine policies.  You will still talk and hear about Trump daily and you will also become a representative of the U.S. I’m asked all of the time what I think by people who rarely talk to Americans. I’m asked how he became elected, if people really believe in what he says and if I support his beliefs. The rest of the world is in awe of how he could get elected and they want to understand what’s going on.

I encourage you to live abroad. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. But I encourage you to do it for you. Not to get away from something. Move abroad because you want to expand your world view, because you want to learn. Move aboard to see something different and beautiful. Don’t move because you hate trump. Fight against him instead. #resist


This post is meant to target people who want to move away because of the political craziness. I think that if you are trying to move because you are sick and literally can no longer afford your health care or because you are an expatriate who currently lives in America, you have a different reason than many people who are saying they are leaving because of Trump. My thoughts are with you. 

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