The Absolute Worst People in Hostels

While we all love the cheap conveniences of hostels, but sharing a room with 10 other people isn’t my idea of a good time. I love the social aspect of hostels, especially as a solo traveler but wake me up in the middle of the night and we will have a problem. I have encountered all of these people during my travels except the last one, luckily, and I try my best not to become one of them. How many of the absolute worst people in hostels have you encountered?

1. The person who has too much technology

Stop taking all the plugs!

2. The person who snoozes their alarm 20 times

I mean, why did you set one anyway?

3. People who decide to fight with plastic bags in the middle of the night

Yeah, you show that plastic bag who’s boss… But can you just wait until morning!?

4. The girl who talks on the phone in their bed until well past midnight

We get it, you love him more. Now hang up the phone!

5. People who either turn the air way too low or keep turning off the air or heat

There is a basic human temperature we all agree on, and then there’s you.

6. People who come in a 2 am and turn on the lights

After midnight, you lose the right to get ready for bed with the lights on.

7. The guy who knows only one song on his guitar and plays it incessantly

Seven nation army is not cool, bro.

8. The girl who leaves her stuff on everyone else’s bed

This is your side, and this is mine. Don’t cross this line.

9. The guy who snores like a warthog

I feel bad for you dude, but you gotta cough up the extra money to get a private room.

10. The couple who has sex in the dorm room

No. Just no. Never. Not ok. You are the worst.

What’s your biggest hostel pet peeve? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below!

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