I’m Megan!

Adventurer and Teacher.


How I started traveling:

I grew up in Riverside, California (South of Los Angles, north of San Diego). My mom, aunt, brother and I spent our summers in the car going anywhere that was close enough to drive to. We often ended up in Arizona since it was the closest state but sometimes went so far as Seattle, Washington. As I child I remember countless hours in the car, often asking my mom “Where are we?!?!” in a whiney tone. I distinctly remember being in Oregon with nothing but flat land in site and asking where we are to which my mom answered “The middle of nowhere” an hour later when I asked the same question she replied “the edge of nowhere!”

Little did I realize that these small trips to wherever our old beat up van would carry us started my love of travel and seeing new places. When I graduated from high school my best friend and I spent hours planning a road trip to the redwoods in North California. There were spreadsheets and everything. We doubted that our parents were going to let us go alone and needed to show them how responsible we were by planning it all out, after all we’d be moving out soon.



I spent most of my time in college, at the beautiful UC Santa Barbara campus dreaming of places like Thailand and Paris. But always felt like something was holding me back. Primarily money. Meanwhile I was working towards a career in teaching which I knew was a job I could have anywhere in the world. After getting my Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, with an emphasis in teaching, I move to the Bay Area to get my Master’s in Education and teaching credential. I planned to leave the country as soon as I was finished but I received an amazing job opportunity at a Bay Area charter school and couldn’t say no. Half way through the year, I’d become convinced that a typical teaching position was probably not for me, at least not at this point in my life. I started looking for jobs in Asia when I found an amazing job in Malaysia.

In September 2015 I took my two suitcases and moved to Malaysia to start my job and having been living here and traveling ever since!

How I afford to travel?

I teach kids at all different ages and levels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since I’ve started here my youngest student was 6 and my oldest was 22. I teach whoever walks in the door. I do primarily stick try to math but I dabble in Science and English when needed. I work with students with learning disabilities and I help the top students in Malaysia apply to Ivy League schools in the U.S. I really do a little bit of everything, including graphic design of any recent marketing materials. And then on weekends I travel and blog. I write and edit photos and market myself and this website. It’s a lot of work but I’m enjoying it. You can read about how I travel despite my student loans because trust me, it’s not easy!

Want to get to know me better?

8 Random Things About Me

1) The first place I traveled to outside of the U.S. was Hong Kong and it sparked my love for international travel.

2) I hate fish! I’ve really been trying to get over this but it’s just weird and smelly and I cannot stand eating fish.

3) I was a swimmer in high school and in 2014 I swam from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco.

4) I love country music! It’s amazing. And yes way too “Go America!” but I still love it. And with that I prefer boots to high heels.

5) I grew up riding ATVs every chance I got out in the deserts on the border of California and Mexico.

6) My weakness: any chocolate.

7) I love to read, but don’t often make time for it! Comment with any book recommendations you have below!

8) I often get asked if I wear colored contacts. No, my eyes really are just that blue.

9) I actually hate writing.

10) I blog to inspire others to finally make the jump and follow their dreams.

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Megan is from sunny California and is currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She funds her travels by teaching students with learning challenges and students applying to U.S. universities. She loves traveling like a local, eating amazing food and is always up for an adventure. Check out her about me section to learn more!

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